The Computerized Diagnostic

The Computerized Diagnostic

The imagination of people is really boundless and sometimes it even eclipses the feeling of reality. There are lots of people that have been inventing some unbelievable systems and methods during the entire history of the humankind. Of course there were lots of great inventions that really helped to cure ill persons or to overcome some other problems but there are also lots of fake inventions.

Computerized diagnostic is an invention in area of medicine that really attracted attention of millions of people all over the world. You shouldn't think that you can get some programs as easily as to download drivers and perform all the operations using your PC. This method seems to be really handy as there are no blood examinations, X-ray photography and other unpleasant operations. The inventors of such unbelievable systems announce that this action won't take more time than to get service manual or find any other information in the Internet. Using a diagnostic machine commonly you should enter some personal data answer some questions, the machine can scan you and show the results immediately.

But we should certainly determine if these methods really can exist or these statements are myths. The first thing we should take into account when we are proposed to use such services is any computer and any software is developed by a man. Quite often the developers of such systems are far from medicine, so the quality of such services is really awful. Program is only a set of some algorithms and it never can be used instead of knowledge of an experienced doctor. Lots of people think that computer can not make mistakes that real people do, but this opinion is not right. Of course there are lots of professional doctors that work in area of computerized diagnostics so we can explain the main principle of its usage.

The main database of such program includes great deals of different symptoms related to some diseases. Then the machines writes some questions and the patient should answer them honestly to determine existence of real symptoms. Processing the information sent to the computer it determines the most probable group of diseases or even definite disease.

Today there are also lots of such software products that can be used as a help for students of medical universities. Some of such educational programs can be easily got from the Internet as driver download for dell, but they can't be used in clinics, of course. We should understand that the diagnostic program developed by professionals that costs millions can be useless if there are no professional doctors.

Medics from all over the world announce that these computers and programs can be really useful but they should be used only as secondary methods. Some people say that computers will never substitute professionals completely in medicine or in any other areas. The best way to be sure that the diagnostic is really proper is to check a license of a doctor that proposes it.

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