Electronic Patient Management

Electronic Patient Management

Treating patients effectively, whether in a hospital or doctor's surgery, means having an efficient administrative set-up behind the scenes. However, cut-backs have ensured that time is no longer a luxury many of us have. We need to find new ways of making practices operate more smoothly, so that patients are provided the best service possible.

Electronic patient management systems could be the best way of doing this. They allow patient data, including personal information and treatment details, to be stored on a computer by those working in the healthcare profession.

They provide you with quick and easy access to files, meaning there's no searching through paper files to find what you're looking for. This means patients can be treated more efficiently and waiting times can be reduced.

As well as be easy to locate the right file, you'll also be able to update them much quicker too. Whether they have moved home, changed their number or next of kin, or the doctor has prescribed new medication, it can all be entered into the computer with minimum effort and time required.

There is also less requirement for storage space. Imagine how much room you'd need for two-thousand paper patient files, then consider that they could actually be stored on one computer, plus a back-up.

Patient files can also be shared between people working in healthcare, such as hospital staff, GP doctors and other admin staff, through secure connections, so patient information is always accurate, wherever they are.

Lastly, by storing them on a computer, you can include security precautions and passwords so that no-one but authorised personnel can access the information. And, in the event of a fire, all records will be safely stored on a back-up file.

So, if you think your practice or hospital could benefit from an Electronic patient record system, you'll be ensuring that patient administration systems work as efficiently as possible.

About the Author

Rob Berry-Smith - System C is a specialist in developing solutions that help healthcare staff get access to any electronic health record they require quickly and efficiently, so that patients can be treated effectively. For more information on patient management systems, why not visit SystemC.com today?