All You Need to Know About C Arms

The term C Arm refers to a piece of machinery that has become widely used in hospitals through the past five decades. The C Arm (also called an x-ray image intensifier and Fluoroscope) uses x-ray images to create a live feed that is then displayed on a TV screen.

The fluoroscopy technology associated with C Arms was released to the public in 1955. In the 21st century, there are a only a few larger manufacturers of C Arms.
There are two common ways that C Arm machines are used: as a fixed piece of equipment that is kept in one particular screening room and isnt portable, or as mobile machine that can be used in a theatre for lectures and other demonstrations.

Fixed C Arms are used in most of the hospitals across the country, and for many different reasons. Some common situations that might require the use of a C-Arm are barium studies, therapeutic studies, fertility studies, endoscopy studies, cardiac studies, and angiography studies.

Mobile C Arms are slightly smaller than their fixed counterpart, making them easy to transport to various and different locations.

As technology continues to grow throughout time, mobile C Arms continue to improve and become more and more powerful.

Mobile C Arms are used in hospitals across the nation for various reasons including therapeutic procedures in theatre, endovascular imaging in theatre, neurological imaging in theatre, and orthopedic imaging in theatre.

C Arms are very accurate pieces of machinery, so they are obviously very desirable to professionals in the medical field.

There are also many reasons that C Arms are attractive to patients as well.

C Arms help to reduce the amount of discomfort that the patient feels. When hospitals use C Arms during surgical or non-surgical procedures, invasiveness is minimized.

As far as money is concerned, the use of C-Arms leads to more cost-effective outpatient care in hospitals.

The diversity of C Arms is also a factor that attracts the medical field; these machines can be used during orthopedic, spinal, and general surgeries as well as with cardiac, vascular, and neurovascular applications.

X-ray lab technicians undoubtedly appreciate the fact that C Arms are very easy to use. Also, doctors and physicians certainly enjoy the accurate and instant information that these pieces of equipment are able to report.

Since the C Arm was invented in the 1950s, the technology has continued to grow and improve.

The many benefits that accompany using the C Arm speak for themselves: this technology has greatly improved the medical field.


About the Author (text)Wendy Moyer is an independent writer and journalist. Further information regarding C-Arms and Fluoroscopy can be found at Wikipedia ( and Ziehm Imaging (

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