Proven Home Remedies For Pimples To Have Healthy Glowing Skin

If only I had known about the great home remedies for pimples that have always been around - I just didn't realize they existed! I've been cheesed off for years with nasty blackheads. I know most of us get them at some time, but that didn't make me feel any better. Are your self-confidence and self-esteem at rock bottom as a result of them? Well, at least you are certainly not alone.

Ugly acne spots are the curse of most teenagers and a good few adults, too. You can help your skin considerably, by using some easy to find and prepare home remedies, along with following some common sense tips. If we are going to deal with this problem, it is good to know what acne pimples are and how they develop in the first place, then we can look at three effective home remedies. Acne vulgaris makes its presence uncomfortably known to you, by forming not only pimples, but also blackheads, superficial sebaceous cysts and if untreated, scars on the skin.

They mostly break out anywhere on the face, temples, chest or back. Some of the causes are over-consumption of sugar, fried foods and excessive starch. This causes, what in Chinese medicine is known by the descriptive term of 'internal dampness'. When this accumulates to excess, it erupts as pimples and other lumps and bumps. Chronic constipation can be a major contributing factor as the digestive system becomes more clogged up, causing toxins to be re-absorbed into the bloodstream. I'm sure you must be aware that the 'birthday suit' you have been wearing all your life is not just there to make you presentable to the outside world, but it is a valuable eliminative outlet for your body toxins.

If you suffer from constipation, it is your skin that ends up being the dumping ground for body waste, hence the unsightly appearance of pimples and blackheads, when it gets overloaded. In addition to these, are the raging hormones of teenage years which add to the clogging of oil glands. To make a significant difference, you really need to introduce plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. With their natural fiber, they help move food through the digestive tract more efficiently and removing waste from the bowel leaving it cleaner. Reduce chomping on junk food - sweets, cakes, chocolate and other high sugar carbohydrate foods. They clog up the system and have you noticed, you want to keep eating them? Foods rich in zinc or taking a zinc supplement has often brought about a dramatic improvement.

A good indication of being deficient in zinc, is the presence of white flecks on your finger nails. Zinc is great, but it is wise to consult either your doctor or a nutritionist for advice so you don't overdose and deplete the copper in your body. I have found that the topical use oatmeal on the affected skin is very effective.

Make a paste from fine oatmeal and warm water and smooth this onto the skin, leaving for as long as possible. This alleviates the inflammation around the acne area and at the same time, helps the body to release its toxins throught the pores of the skin, allowing them to 'breathe'. Daily or weekly use of oatmeal paste can bring about a very noticeable improvement. You know, I have found this to be one of the most effective home remedies for pimples. There are many simple as well as effective treatments you can use which are both safe and non-toxic, without having to resort to some of the more invasive chemical over-the-counter treatments.

Curious to get the low-down on even more home remedies for pimples? Helen Wall, who has been an alternative therapist, meditator and acupuncturist for more than 25 years, shares lots of tips and suggestions to get you healthy again.

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