Hair Loss Remedies for Your Specific Type of Baldness

There are many hair loss remedies that one can try today. Though some of them have been proven to be more effective, all of them have worked at one time or the next. Depending on your genetic makeup, and your reason for experiencing hair loss, one product may work better than another. You may have to try a couple different ones to find the one that best works for you. Start with the most popular (discussed below) and see if you have good results. There are two hair loss remedies that are being used by the biggest percentage of the population.

They are Rogaine and Propecia. Men and women alike are both using Rogaine, as they produce a cream for both genders. Propecia focuses solely on helping out women who are experiencing hair loss. The reasons for hair loss vary and in women, the most popular cause, next to genetics, is hormonal changes.

Rogaine has been one of the most popular hair loss remedies since its inception. Rogaine for men and women is a topical cream that is applied directly to the scalp. This cream helps to enlarge hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth. It is a fairly basic principal, but works rather well.

Propecia on the other hand is an oral medication that is specifically for women. Propecia helps to block hormones that cause hair follicles to shrink. Hormonal changes in women can cause hair loss, so Propecia focuses in on blocking out hormones that may have a negative effect on the scalp. Propcia works rather well for women that are balding.

There are also many natural supplements that are taken as hair loss remedies. Visiting your local pharmacy or supplement store is a good place to start if you are looking for natural supplements to add to your prevention plan. These stores also offer special shampoos that can serve the patient well. Proper care of the hair and scalp is one of the most overlooked hair loss remedies.

An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Visiting with your family physician or with an experienced professional can also be a great place to start. These professionals have been exposed to hair loss problems over many years, so they will be able to prescribe the best hair loss remedies. Only a professional can decide if you need a prescription strength remedy or if an over the counter product would help.

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