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Hair loss is a major cosmetic concern among Americans, both men and women alike, because the presence of healthy and abundant hair growth on the scalp has always been considered a mark of beauty and good looks and is tied closely to the person's self-image. To cater to this need to restore a balding scalp to its previous, hair-filled condition, clinics that offer services like hair transplantation, Portland, Oregon and all over the United States exist. There are many hair transplantation, Portland, Oregon clinics that offer restoration services, and each of these clinics has its own claims. The one that claims to be the largest and oldest of them all is Bosley, a clinic that specializes in hair restoration and hair transplantation that was established in 1974. A good hair transplant clinic would be able to achieve natural-looking hair transplantation, one that would be virtually undetectable even upon close inspection.

A natural-seeming hairline is achieved through artistry. Hair is carefully transplanted in such a way that they would grow together at an angle following the natural hair growth of the patient. Thus, when the hair grows, it would resemble the original pattern of hair growth that the patient had, as closely as possible. There are many types of hair transplantation techniques - you don't have to be stuck with only one. If the hair care specialist in your area is stuck with just one kind, maybe it's time to hie off to Oregon to get that invaluable second opinion! Modern medical technology has made it possible for hair doctors to conduct safer progressive treatments on the scalp. The methods range from traditional hair grafting (vastly improved by upgraeded tools and knowledge) to laser surgery, and even to a high-precision technique known as follicular unit extraction.

Sometimes you will need hair restoration surgeries performed in places aside from the scalp. Eyebrows are also candidates for hair replacement. Surgeries are not the only option, of course; medication may still be the best for some.

Propecia and Rogaine, the leading drugs used to treat hair loss, are available in practically all hair clinics. In many instances, medication is still applied to the scalp regularly, even after surgical procedures have been performed. There are many hair transplantation, Portland, Oregon clinics. There are also hair clinics everywhere in the United States.

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