How To Choose A Cellulite Cream

Some women go to extreme measures to get rid of their cellulite as well as self-tanners, lipo and lasers. Up till now, cellulite cream still remains as one of the most accessible treatment options. Many of the products on the market today promise to melt away the excess inches on your thighs and hips at the same time as firming and contouring your skin to refine and minimize the imperfections caused by cellulite. When it comes to cellulite cream there are both high-end brands and drugstore brands that can be found in every form of cream plus gels and lotions. But how can you find out which cellulite cream is best for you?

Common Ingredients

Aminophylline is the most commonly used medicine in the treatment of asthma to help relax the lungs.

Yet, it is used in many cellulite treatment creams because it is a derivative of the active ingredient theophyllinem which is a muscle relaxant. When using creams with this ingredient you ought to keep them away from heat sources and use them quickly. It was originally thought that this ingredient broke down fat cells, nevertheless studies found that this is not true since it does not enter the bloodstream which means it isnt able to break down fat cells.

Often Retinoids will be used in the wrinkle treatment creams and they are a form of Vitamin A derivative.

In certain concentrations this ingredient can be used to help reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and roughness of the facial skin by improving circulation to the skin. But, there have been no studies to establish the effectiveness of this ingredient against cellulite. It is significant to apply these creams at night since retinol can be destroyed when exposed to light.

Another popular ingredient is alpha hydroxy acids which are mainly found in plants and certain foods such as citrus fruits, apples, grapes, tomatoes, apricots and sour milk. These can act of exfoliators in lower concentrations which can help with the elimination of superficial dead cells and thus increase the turnover rate of cells.

As with all the other ingredients though there is no studies that they can prove the effectiveness of alpha hydroxy acids as a treatment for cellulite.

Cellulite Cream Review: Which One is Right for You?

Whether is Revitol Cream Solution, Profile Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Body Shape, Cellulean or Avotone-which of these cellulite treatments seems to work best? By comparing these remedies in a cellulite cream review, after that considering your body type and metabolism, it may be possible to choose the best cellulite cream for yourself while avoiding the try and discard method. There are a vast number of cellulite cream brands available in the market.

Yet, these five have had the most success, so they are the ones chosen for comparison in this cellulite cream review.

Cellulite Cream Review: Revitol Cream Solution

To start in on this cellulite cream review, let us start with the one that is ranked the highest-Revitol Cream Solution. This cellulite cream is not only guaranteed to work in six months, but it can also be available online. It is as easy to use as any lotion, and it includes ingredients that are as easy to understand, such as caffeine and green tea extract.

Cellulite Cream Review: Profile Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Another cellulite cream that is also simple to use and available online, is Profile Anti-Cellulite Treatment. This cellulite cream is thought to be unique in that it contains essential oils along with other ingredients that include green tea and aloe Vera.

Just like Revitol, this cellulite cream is available online.

Cellulite Cream Review: Body Shape

Body Shape anti-cellulite cream is currently one of the least expensive, at approximately fifty dollars, in this cellulite cream review. Just like the others, it is available online. Body Shape anti-cellulite cream is made up mainly from more organic ingredients, like organic caffeine and organic lecithin, and is as simple to use as that favorite lotion you have sitting on your bathroom counter.

Cellulite Cream Review: Cellulean

A consumer can pay for a bottle of Cellulean anti-cellulean cream.

Yet again, this cellulite cream is as easy to use as lotion. The major difference between this and other creams is that it does not contain more organic ingredients; instead, it uses Aminophylline as the central cellulite-fighting ingredient.

Cellulite Cream Review: Avotone

This is however another cellulite cream available online that is made of mostly natural ingredients. These ingredients include avocado and mineral oils; however, these are blended with others, like Maltodextrine. This cream is available online.

Now that you have an perceptive of some of the best cellulite creams available to you, you can start going shopping online or find a store close by.

With diligence, you can seriously reduce or eliminate the cellulite that has plagued you for years.


About the Author (text)Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn how to get rid of cellulite through natural ways such as exercise and other treatment, please visit

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