th Wedding gathering

Jean looked through the window at lights of the hot dog shops and a lot of people sunbathing on the sand. It was hot and she felt calm and content to be there,memories invaded her mind from her youth: when she had fallen in love with John, the weather had been equal and she, as a coy young woman with tempting lips and savage red hair,had been glad to catch the eye of,a young bank manager. Her skin like silk had put a spell on John as he met her for the first time,and in spite of his coyness his he had bought a box of chocolates ? he said they were soft to the touch as she seemed to be. Their passionate love blossomed and Jean felt sad as she kept in mind good time off and picnics,doing shopping together and canoodling in the back row of the cinema. John never forgot wedding anniversary and was always offering her nice flowers and chocolates and leaving a rose on the table ? even after 50 years of living together.

Her eyes brightened as she remembered some moments they sexy moments ? almost being caught by a farmer as they rolled in his haystack; loving each other while yachting in the Atlantic Ocean and comfortable days in hotel bedrooms when on holiday,scarcely leaving their room,so happy they felt together. A hand gently touched her cheek and she looked up: here he was, her John, now 72 but still with his brilliant eyes. He knew her so well that he immediately realized what she was thinking. "I knowamusing wasn't it, old lady? You are still the apple of my eye!" Ahsweet reminisce now she distinguished they were too old and John couldn't couldn't face erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction ? what a clinical expression for the denial of something so very beautiful and vital to life. Although John prepared a surprise; he had been evoking too,and had discovered a website for generic Viagra and generic cialis on the Internet. He had ordered some generic Viagra lozenges,which were designed to help him to obtain his former sex. Right now, he had a box of generic Viagra in his pocket and a vision in his mind. A romantic kiss, delicious banquet a relaxing walk and then home.

where he intended to lie their passion again.

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