The Cause And After Affects Of High Blood Pressure

Medications of high blood pressure is far more dangerous then High blood pressure. The reasons are listed below : The medical companies are also aware that the medications for hypertension causes serious side effects. Some of the serious side effects include (but are not limited to) dizziness, headache, fatigue, depression, throbbing of the heart, lack of energy, lack of concentration, impotency, frigidity and more. What's worse, these medications give rise to the feeling of "false security" It's like wearing a safety helmet with an unnoticeable crack in it.

You take more risk because you trust the helmet. But when something hits you in the head and the helmet breaks and your head along with it. Because hypertension medications neither cure hypertension nor protect you from sudden fatal cardiovascular events - such as heart attack, stroke, embolism, kidney failure and other conditions that are directly caused by high blood pressure. It often doesn't even work to normalize the blood pressure itself. About 50% of the people die from these diseases.

People who are on medications the mortality is even slightly higher and so they are put on medications for the rest of their life, thinking they'll be safe but then the safety-device doesn't work and fatal accident happens. The reason the medications don't work is because they don't take on the underlying cause of hypertension: Stress and wrong diet. Living standards have never been so high as they are in the western world today. It has never been so easy to live a good life.

We have plenty to eat and nice clothes and shelters. In many ways, we've safer than ever. But never before have worries and stress plagued us so much. The normal person has worrying thoughts running through his/her mind 24/7. People in that state have tension in their mind and tension in their body. They cannot sleep and they cannot relax.

This builds up emotional tension, which again causes hypertension. The remedy is by taking a break! The mind needs to take focussed break every day. You definitely need to give your body and mind a few minutes break from all tension and all worries everyday, and watching TV doesn't solves it. People in the western world are dying due to hypertension.

But a focussed break regularly could have saved many life's.

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