The Common Cold and Flu Affects on Diabetics

No one likes the cold and flu season, but diabetics have more reason to dread it than most. A person that is relatively healthy can expect to be out of commission for about three to four days. A person with diabetes could end up in the hospital, especially if they do not keep close tabs on their blood sugar levels. Those with diabetes are encouraged to receive flu shots to defend themselves from coming down with the flu. The common cold or the flu increases stress on the body causes the blood glucose levels to rise.

The majority of medications being sold to relieve symptoms connected with cold and flu have elevated levels of sugar. A diabetic needs to get into the habit of reading labels on commonly sold medications and looking for ones that are free of sugars or low in sugar. These medicines will not shorten the amount of time that is spent sick with a cold or the flu. A diabetic needs to consider whether feeling better outweighs the risk of elevating blood sugar levels into the danger zone. The next problem that cold and flu presents for the diabetic is they are probably not eating properly. It is widely known that a diabetic must eat a healthy diet, however with illness such as cold or flu it is quite likely that is not an option due to vomiting and nausea.

Physicians recommend eating 15 grams of carbohydrates per hour, but due to the circumstances know that this may not be feasible. They will also usually advise the diabetic to continue taking their medications as they normally would. Due to the vomiting and possible diarrhea, dehydration is an issue that must be faced. Too reduce this risk, drink lots of clear fluids like water, tea, and broth especially if the blood glucose remains in the normal and high ranges.

If the blood glucose levels plummet, a half cup of apple juice or similarly sugared juice is recommended. Observing blood sugar levels extremely close throughout sickness is very important. Blood sugar levels can climb or plunge severely and swiftly. If a diabetic is already experiencing nausea and vomiting they might not become aware of the indicators that their glucose levels are unmanageable.

Ketones ought to be watched too. Ketones are the last result of too much fatty-acid breakdown and show up in the urine only when ketone levels in the blood get to a certain peak. When a urine test shows positive results for ketones, contact your doctor at once. A high level of ketones possibly will lead to a coma.

While no one can prevent getting the cold or flu 100%, they can take steps to reduce their risks. Getting a flu shot and encouraging those around them, like friends, loved ones and co-workers, to get one as well is a good start. Flu shots cannot guarantee that one will not get the flu, however for about six months it makes it more difficult to get it. A pneumonia shot is an additional means to protect you from getting critically laid up.

Pneumonia shots are obtainable by everyone over the age of two who is at an advanced danger of dying from pneumonia (an infection in the lungs), like diabetic patients. Pneumonia shots are 60% helpful in fending off other grave disease like meningitis (infection in the brain) and bacterernia (infection in the blood). In conclusion, the most effective line of attack to evade illness is plainly by scrubbing your hands often and methodically.

The effortless function of hand scrubbing sloughs germs and bacteria away, keeping them from finding a way into our body by way of the eyes, nose, or mouth. Speak with your doctor before falling sick and know what may be in store in addition to when to make contact with them is vital.

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