Top Home Remedies or Pain Relief from Arthritis

People with arthritis find it really difficult to carry on with their daily activities due to the pain they suffer from. They look for medication and various techniques that can provide them relief from the pain they suffer from. However, lots of meditations and techniques provided by pharmacist and the market may produce a lot of side-effects.

Hence, one should always look for a natural alternative to pain. You would be surprised to know but it is true that there are several therapies that can provide you relief from painful condition and inflammation due to arthritis. These therapies do not produce any sort of side effects because these are home remedies and foolproof methods approved by experienced health care professionals across the globe. These home remedies for pain relief from arthritis have been in practice for several years together now. Here are some of the remedies to help you get relief from pain due to arthritis: Home remedy No.

1 First, stretch gently. This provides you good strength and mobility. Remember that a little bit of moving may hurt you but it will not destroy. Experts feel that intelligent moving always heel with yoga, you can move with correct joint alignment that further helps in bringing affected joints back to normal position because the target muscles are elongated and strengthened.

You need to consult an experienced yoga teacher for getting right pose. Home remedy No. 2 Go for carrot juice fast.

Vegetable juice fast is quite effective in reducing pain for most patients with arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis. You can also fast on celery juice, cabbage juice or tomato juice. You need to fast on vegetable juice for at least a day during the first week at the beginning phase. Once you start with this routine, you can follow it by fasting on vegetable juice for alternate days. However, fasting should be approved by your health care practitioners after seeing your health condition.

Home remedy No. 3 You can use a lot of ice in order to prevent pain. Cold treatments are often recommended to those whose joints have been stressed due to overuse or overwork. You may also opt for a gel pack. However, ice covered inside a plastic bag or a bag full of frozen peas can also do better. Apply ice pack for about 15-20 minutes and then remove it for 10-15 minutes.

Repeat the process for several hours at a time for good effect. Home remedy No. 4 Ask your spouse to help you out. Let him or her help you with carrying out the daily tasks as far as possible. Help coming from your spouse or mate during the time of trouble will let you enjoy the feeling of love and bonding.

This will let you forget your pain. Don't be over helpful as it can make your spouse feel bad about the illness. You need to make him or her feel good and cared by providing help just when required. Home remedy No.

5 Water exercises are the best options. You can actual feel that the pain is reduced in the water and you have become more flexible in water. These exercises include bending motions, waving and walking performed inside chest-deep water.

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