Try Some Rubbers To Make You A Man Of Steel

Try Some Rubbers To Make You A Man Of Steel. No I don't mean like that. I mean build some rock hard muscles. Working out in the gym is great for building strength and muscle. Heavy iron is responsible for some of the best physiques of all time. But there is another way to pack on solid rippling flesh.

Most of us have owned Chest Expanders/Bullworkers with steel springs at one time or another and had great results from them. Then one day we go to the gym and see everyone working out with iron and think "that is the 'only' way to do it". Nowadays you can get chest expanders with rubber strands instead of steel. These have fewer disadvantages (i.e.

pinched chest hairs) and are lighter. Many of the old time strongmen performed feats of strength and set records for strand pulling. Exercising with traditional weights, the resistance is the same throughout the exercise but, with springs and strands the resistance increases as it stretches. This will work the muscles in a totally different way, starting with very low resistance and increasing as you get to your strongest point. Want To Add A New Twist? How about a few sets of slow motion exercises. These can be done with iron or strands.

You will need to reduce your regular resistance by at least 30%. Now do the exercise in slow motion so that it takes 10 seconds to lift the weight and 5 to lower it again. Aim for 3 sets of 8 reps, each to total failure. When I say total failure I mean it. If you can finish a rep it is not total failure.

Total failure is when you get part way through a rep and can not go any further. At failure point do not just stop, try for 4 seconds more to move the resistance before slowly lowering back to starting point. If you can complete 3 sets of 8 reps then it is time to increase the resistance by 10%. If you can not complete the first set of eight in slow motion educe the weight so you can do at least 2 of the 3 sets for eight reps.

Do the exercise in perfect form without using any other cheating moves, if you do a curl, just use your biceps, not your hips or back. You can perform many exercises with a set of strands and keep in shape when you can not get out to the gym. With a little imagination you can do a variety of exercises in addition to the standard chest pulls. You can put one foot in one of the handles to do one arm curls or upright rowing.

You can hold a handle behind your back and do overhead presses or tricep extensions. Hold a handle by your abs to do lateral side raises. Now There Is A New Kid On The Block And The Name Is Bodylastics.

Bodylastics are different sized rubber strands of varying resistance and you can exercise each body part with any resistance. They come with, a door anchor that can be used on most doors at any height, 2 hand grips and 2 ankle straps. With a little thought you can emulate any exercise you can do in the gym (and a few you can't). The Bodylastics website shows 140 different exercises. What about the times when you cant get to the gym? Bodylastics are light at less than 2 pounds weight and can easily be packed in your hand luggage when travelling.

As with any new program it is recommended that you start slowly and build up gradually as you gain experience. Even Arnold had to start with low weights and learn from more experienced bodybuilders. This article is provided as entertainment and no responsibility can be taken for loss or injuries incurred during physical exercise. If you have not undertaken any form of exercise for a while, please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program. Fitness is not a competition with anyone else. It is just for you, so find what you enjoy and go have some fun.

Bodylastics absolutely works. After only a few short weeks of using Bodylastics you will discover improvements in muscle building, toning, posture and confidence. If you have any hints or tips you want to share please contact me. or visit my blog

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